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How To Choose For The Best School in Gondia

Best School in Gondia


Across India, including schools in Gondia, there is a rapid increase in parental preference for CBSE boards. In the 1960s, the Indian government decided that education would be equal for every student; and to set a standard for this education because it was all a mess and very haphazard because it was only ten years after independence. So it created the Central Board for Secondary Education with only 300 schools across the country. And now, fast forward to the new millennium, our country has more than 18,000 CBSE schools, some better than others.

So what is the reason for this exponential growth?

Top level competitive exams like UPSC and entrance exams like JEE and NEET base their questions on NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) syllabus.


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